Working with Vaute

 One of the most rewarding things about operating a screen printing shop in Brooklyn is meeting and working with so many different, interesting and awesome companies and people.  We have truly had a rare privilege to meet and screen print teeshirts to countless inspired start-ups, artists, musicians and bands, schools, churches , activist groups as well as established companies.

One of our favorite companies that we have worked with would have to be Vaute Couture.

Related image

Vaute is a vegan fashion line started and operated by Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart.

Aside from being a super model, Leanne has always advocated for animal rights and against animal cruelty, and she has used her celebrity and her brand Vaute as a platform to speak out for this urgent and under-publicized cause.

Being animal rights people ourselves, it has been an immense joy for us to provide Vaute with water based printing for all of their graphic tees, tanks and sweatshirts for the last several years.

Not only are Vaute Couture’s graphic messages relevant and important , they designs are beautiful and they happen to be super nice and easy going folks to work with .

We also credit their sometimes complex designs with helping us gain tremendous experience and really stretch the limits of what can be achieved using water based inks .

Below are some of the many shirts we have printed for them. Sorry for the crappy quality of some of the images as we did not always have the luxury of time to take good ones:





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